Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (JCSM) - Abstract

 Volume 3, Number 1, Page 73 - 76

Are there any benefits of exercise training in cancer cachexia?

Josep M. Argilés, Sílvia Busquets, Francisco J. López-Soriano, Paola Costelli and Fabio Penna

Cancer cachexia is a complex syndrome characterized by inflammation, body weight loss, muscle, and adipose tissue wasting that is responsible for the death of a considerable percentage of cancer patients. In addition, during cachexia muscle strength and endurance are dramatically reduced, limiting the ability to perform daily activities and severely affecting the patient’s quality of life. Different studies have emphasized that a single therapy may not be completely successful in the treatment of cachexia. Beyond pharmacological strategies, exercise training has been suggested as a promising countermeasure to prevent cachexia, in order to restore both strength and endurance, depending on the type of exercise. Unfortunately, a small number of studies, in both clinical and experimental settings, have been performed to date. Moreover, when considering exercise in cancer, several factors have to be taken into consideration, in particular those alterations that could limit the capacity to perform exercise and consequently the resulting beneficial or detrimental effects. This editorial is aimed at stimulating the debate on the suitability of including exercise training in a multi-functional approach against cachexia taking into consideration both limitations and advantages.

Argilés J.M., Busquets S., López-Soriano F.J., Costelli P., Penna F. Are there any benefits of exercise training in cancer cachexia? J Cachex Sarcopenia Muscle 2012;2:73-76.